Hemway Clear Satin Lacquer 1 Litre / Quart


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Designed to perfect and protect current painted surfaces 

Clear Matt Lacquer is designed to perfect and protect current painted surfaces to prevent stains, marks, colour fade and any unwanted wear and tear of a chalk paint finished surface. Clear Matt Lacquer can be used both internally or externally giving the user variability. In a ‘Matt’ low sheen finish, Clear Matt Lacquer is the latest addition to the Hemway’s Lacquer product portfolio which gives an uber modern and classic feel, and not to disappoint it delivers long-lasting tough wearing perfect results time after time.

Ideal for use in busy areas of the house such as the landing and hallway, Clear Matt Lacquer is unbelievably easy to apply and dries in 2 hours, making it user ready in a flash, and ready for those busy house areas to be full of activity once again. As with all the Lacquer products, Clear Matt Lacquer is the perfect paint partner with it being toxin-free and carries the standard child safety number EN71-3 making it available to use in the little people’s rooms to create a fantastic way to protect and prolong the paint work in their abode, or even in your pet’s bed.

If using Clear Matt Lacquer outdoors, it is advised to use over pale colours such as magnolia, whites and peaches cream giving a completely invisible protective film. Clear Matt Lacquer is made and distributed in the UK with a professional and expert team on hand to assist any questions or queries you may have about using or purchasing Clear Matt Lacquer. Clear Matt Lacquer comes in convenient 1 litre tins and gives approximately 16m square per litre meaning that your product will go a long way in saving time and money. It is ideally applied with a roller or brush in crisscross motions to give a beautiful even finish, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the results.

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