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Automotive Powder Pigment - Metallic Purple Violet - 50g

Premium Metallic Pigment for Cars

Ultra Lightweight Pigment
Hemway Auto Pigment Powder adds a sensational metallic sheen to cars, boats and vehicle parts. The ultra lightweight super fine pigment mixes easily in your desired coating without settling in the paint gun giving you a super smooth finish.
The high colour saturation within the pigment particles gives a bright and bold appearance, sure to make your project look beautiful.

Colourfast & UV Fade Resistant - Colours will not fade in the sun, bleed or rust over time
Waterproof - Colour stays bright in all weather
Heat & Solvent Resistant - This pigment can withstand temperatures up to 450C / 842F
Child Safe - Perfect for adding stunning colour to children’s bikes and scooters
Non-Toxic - Safe to use and work with
Vegan & Cruelty Free

How to Use Auto Pigment Powder
Hemway Pigment Powders mix well in custom automotive paint, plasti-dip, binders, clear coatings, casting, gel coatings and resins paint/coating. These fine powders spray well through paint guns, airbrushes, powder guns, preval sprayers and HVLP paint guns.

For paint applications, add the following amount of pigment per Litre / 0.25 gallons usage.
Automotive and Refinishing Paints: 15-25 grams (0.5-1oz)
For Plasti-Dip & Rubberized Paint, add the following amount of glitter per Litre / 0.25 gallons usage.
For Plastic/Acrylic, add the following amount of glitter per Litre / 0.25 gallons usage.
We recommend mixing all your powder into 1 Litre / 0.25 gallons of thinner and mixing thoroughly before mixing into your Plasti-DIp. This ensures the pigments make their way through the dip evenly.
Although Hemway Automotive Pigment is UV resistant, we still recommend using a high UV protective lacquer when using this product to ensure longevity of the automotive pigment.

Additional Info
For a truly amazing look, consider your base colour and contrast your powder pigment colours!