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Clear Glitter Glaze - Rose Gold

The hassle free way to add glitter to your walls

Invisible Glaze, Vibrant Glitter
Hemway Clear Glitter Glaze is the easiest way to add a magic glitter sparkle to your pre-painted walls or furniture.

It dries invisible, leaving only the stunning Hemway Glitter on show to bring your home décor to life.

Can be applied over any painted surface and with over 50 vibrant glitter colours to choose from, there is a colour for every interior design and style!

Made in Britain - Hemway Clear Glitter Glaze is expertly manufactured in Britain using the highest quality raw materials
Colourfast & UV Fade Resistant - Colours will not fade in the sun or leak any colour when applied
Quick Drying - Completely dries in 2 hours
Child Safe - Perfect for adding stunning sparkle to children’s bedrooms. Standard EN71-3
Vegan & Cruelty Free
Non-Toxic - Natural, Eco-Friendly Ingredients ultra low in VOC as well as being water soluble cause no harm to the environment when washing brushes / rollers in the sink
Multi Surface - Works on wood, metal, stone, plaster, plastic, laminate, concrete and more

How to Use Clear Glitter Glaze
Simple, quick & easy to use! Begin by cleaning your walls of dust and dirt, giving them a gentle wipe over with a damp sponge or clean cloth.

Afterwards, add the glitter in small batches to the glaze whilst stirring. Recommended ratio of 100g per 1L of Glaze. Stir the contents of the tin for 1 minute to prepare it for application.

We recommended using a sponge roller. Load your roller with Clear Glitter Glaze, remove the excess and gently apply it to your wall in a criss-cross motion. If glitter gathers in certain areas, press hard with your roller until the glitter disperses.

Allow 1 hour to fully dry between coats. If you want more sparkle on your glittery wall, add another coat once the first coat fully dries. Not suitable for places of hard wear, unless over-coated with a protective varnish.


Additional Info
The cardboard fittings included in the packaging for free make a great splash tray!