The fun way to accessorise your wares

Our Hemway Polyurethane & Epoxy Glitter is hands down the best way to add a refreshing glimmer and shine to all of your Polyurethane & Epoxy DIY projects, whether you're adding glitter to your favourite tumbler or producing custom jewellery. Hemway is proud to provide an extensive selection of over 200 glitter size and colour variations.

1. Tumbler
2. Epoxy Resin
3. Hemway Polyurethane & Epoxy Glitter
4. Paint Brush (Suitable for epoxy)
5. Masking Tape
6. Sandpaper
7. Measuring and mixing cups
8. Sponge
9. A stick or pipe
10. Cardboard box

Once your tumbler has been decorated and you're waiting for it to dry we recommend that you use a turner which will help you prevent the glittery epoxy from sagging. It doesn't need to be fancy either, a cardboard box with a broom handle horizontally slotted through both sides with a sponge affixed to the end, to keep your tumbler attached is perfect.

1. First up is to do any masking tape prep to obfuscate any patterns or depending on the type of tumbler you have, you may want to tape over the threads at the opening so the lid can still be screwed on. We recommend taping a 5mm (1/4") strip around the bottom edge and underside of the tumbler, we don't want to chip or crack our epoxy coating as the tumbler will be placed down when not in use.

2. Let us get our epoxy resin ready for adding the glitter, we recommend using around 30ml of solution for a smaller tumbler or 40ml for a larger tumbler. A mixing cup with a wide opening is best so we can easily pour in our glitter to mix. Please check your epoxy instructions for guidance and safety warnings, we recommend wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves and goggles.

3. We recommend adding your glitter before adding the hardener so you can adjust your glitter ratio before forcing a time limit to your decorating as the mix will start to harden. A ratio of 100g/1 litre glitter to epoxy is what we recommend but it is entirely personal preference, the size of glitter may influence your ratio too.

4. Once your epoxy glitter mix is thoroughly stirred you can place your tumbler on your turner and start painting turning the tumbler as you paint, a great way to encourage an even coverage of epoxy. We find adding a little at a time is best.

5. During the drying phase of your decorating you'll have to keep a close eye on your tumbler on its turner for the first half an hour, turning 180 degrees regularly as you see the epoxy pooling into droplets on the underside. After the first half hour you can be more relaxed, as the epoxy hardens the frequency of turning will be 3-5 minutes from this point.

6. After about 45 minutes of drying we recommend that you carefully remove the masking tape from the tumbler, if you leave it too long and the epoxy is too far hardened you might find it difficult to without pulling back the epoxy. Still remember to keep turning your tumbler every half an hour for around 5 hours.

7. At this point the epoxy won’t be dry to handle but you can ease off with turning your tumbler, after an overnight rest your tumbler will be ready for use!

8. (Optional) - Photograph your work, share it with your friends, family and the wider Hemway community by using #Hemway hashtag. We love seeing what you paint and we might even give you a shout out, good luck!