All that glitter, the same sparkles, in a convenient Craft Glitter Shaker

If only she knew, we could have avoided this mess!

"I would definitely recommend getting a salt shaker or something similar because pouring directly from the bag was a mess. There may or may not be glitter all over my garage." - Sheri, Product Reviewer

Glitter is notorious for getting everywhere, stuck days later behind your ear or clinging to an arm hair to trail around your house after a half-term arts and crafts session. We dont want to spoil yours or Sheri's fun with glitter so we created our Hemway Craft Glitter Shakers. Our Glitter Shakers come in a standard glitter container size as well as a MEGA sized container giving you even more vibrant glitter, see how our shaker weights work below:

Glitter Size Standard Craft Shaker MEGA Craft Shaker
Microfine 1/256" 0.004" 0.1mm 130g 425g
Ultrafine 1/128" 0.008" 0.2mm 130g 425g
Fine 1/64" 0.015" 0.4mm 130g 425g
Chunky 1/40" 0.025" 0.6mm 130g 425g
Extra Chunky 1/24" 0.040" 1mm 130g 425g
Super Chunky 1/8" 0.125" 3mm 110g 360g
Shaped 3mm 80g N/A

The Shakers

Each shaker is designed for ease of use and tidyness in mind. Our glitter containers have two secured pour ports, a fast flow port and a scatter port much like a salt shaker, helping you control glitter output.

The glitter flow converges into the corners of our shaker as you pour for better control as part of our ergonomic design. This makes Hemway Glitter Shakers ideal for schools, craft clubs and your home art supplies for tidier and less wasteful glitter fun. Hemway is the first choice for decorating drinks tumblers, homemade cards, ornaments and accessories.

We think you'll enjoy this video of our Craft Glitter Shakers in action.

Now its your turn!

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