Mermaid Tail Blues, Stars, Moons and Holographic madness, Hemway teamed up with JSH diy- of 2.23 million Youtube subscribers- to create a video jam packed with plenty of glitter... and plenty of slime! 😱 Watch the video and shop the range below!  

👇Meet Julius👇

Meet Julius, creator of JSH diy!  Since the age of 12, Julius, the "J" in JSH, produces, films, and edits his own YouTube videos. Known for his ability to create slime using household ingredients and without glue, he is truly a slime magician!  On JSH diy, you'll see Julius grow to be the "Prince of Slime" and experience what truly is the Happy Side of YouTube! 

   👇Watch The Video 👇


Want to get creative making your own slime? It is a simple, quick and easy way to make hours of fun! It is also the current trend across Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook with ASMR videos that are going viral! They are so satisfying and pleasing to watch as people prod and poke the slime. Concoct your own glittery goo with the Elmers glue making kit, and to complete it chose from over 42 different spectacular colors of glitter or powder pigments to add in your slime. 

Try the the Metallic Sparkle 24k Gold Powder Pigment for slime fit for royalty, or check out the Mermaid Blue Mix for dreamy iridescent finish. Want to take it a step further? Mix multiple glitters together for a array of magical sparkles, dancing in unison under the light 🌟 To mix it up a little more, add a little bit of the Glow in the Dark Powder Pigment, imagine what that would look like😍 With Hemway glitter's non-fade technology, your slime will be shining 24/7. 

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